Dad Bod
We all know the stereotype of the soccer mom who wants to look a little bit younger.
But now, traditional notions are being overturned as more and more dads are opting for plastic surgery.
In fact, since 1997, cosmetic procedures performed among men have risen a startling 325 percent.
What’s going on?

Cosmetic Treatment Is Becoming Easier

As it turns out, the big thing keeping men from the cosmetic treatment market was the long recovery times that used to be associated with cosmetic treatment–particularly plastic surgery.
The more invasive the procedure, generally, the longer the downtime and the larger the side effects.
As cosmetic treatment begins to move more towards lasers, fillers, and even topical treatments, more and more men will be able to indulge in improving their aesthetics.

It’s All Thanks to the Daughters

A common phenomenon is for men to be convinced by their daughters to go for treatment. Especially men who are nearing their mid-life crisis – even men who, after a recent divorce, are once again trying to court women.
Both these parties are more susceptible in going in for cosmetic treatment, regardless of previous stigma.
Meanwhile, the daughters are able to convince their dads of both the ease and efficacy of the treatment.

What Kind of Treatments Do Men Like to Get?

As would be expected, men tend to gravitate toward the less invasive treatments. Hence, Botox and fillers tend to dominate men’s cosmetic treatments.
But what about men who opt for plastic surgery? Liposuction is the number 1 plastic surgery choice for men – fat reduction being a relatively unisex desire. In 2016, 45,000 lipsuctions were performed on men.
After that, many men got breast reduction surgery, due to low self-esteem associated with breast enlargement- a condition that affects up to 1 in 4 men.
The two next most popular surgeries are more in line with the general trend of what men want. Eyelid surgery, and nose surgery are both, compared to others, less invasive and with less downtime.
If you’re a man who’s interested in finding out more about cosmetic treatment, please call us or check here. It’s important you find a doctor who will work with you and help you achieve your goals, while also understanding where you’re coming from.