Caitlyn Jenner
It’s been almost two years since Caitlyn Jenner announced her transition.
Now, in her upcoming upcoming memoir, The Secrets of My Life, Jenner reveals a number of personal secrets, including the fact that she underwent gender reassignment surgery.
According to Radar Online, the reality star discusses the surgery she had done back in January of this year.
“I just want to have all the right parts. I am going to live authentically for the first time in my life,” said Jenner. “I am going to have an enthusiasm for life that I have not had in 39 years since the Olympics, almost two thirds of my life.”
Jenner’s mother, like many others, was unaware of the surgery.
“I haven’t turned on television today. I am not aware,” said Esther Jenner.
Transitioning can be difficult for other people to accept, but Jenner is taking it all in stride and feels better than ever.
“It’s just a penis,” insisted Jenner. “It has no special gifts or use for me other than what I have said before, the ability to take a whiz in the woods … I am also tired of tucking the damn thing in all the time.”
Jenner’s surgery and overall story is helping to open up channels of communication for people who may be misinformed.
Boston plastic surgeon Jeffrey Spiegel recently dispelled the myth that transitioning or transgender people are confused.
“Transgender women or men know of their gender for years—specifically since they’re about the age of 6,” said Dr. Spiegel.
“The challenge is that while they know their true gender, they are unable to have others recognize them and see them for who they know they are.”
According to Jenner, she knew at around the age of 8 or 9, but it wasn’t until 2015 when Jenner came out to ABC’s Diane Sawyer that she was able to confirm rumors of a gender transition.
Dr. Toby Mayer confirms that there is nothing odd or weird about people transitioning.
“I see about 10 patients a week that are transitioning,” said Dr. Mayer.
“There’s nothing odd or weird about it. One doesn’t choose to be male or female—it chooses them. The bottom line is: Many may look at Bruce Jenner the Olympian who once graced a Wheaties box and ask ‘Why would a guy like him do this?’ And the answer is, because he is not happy and he will only be happy when he’s a woman.”