Have you experienced a dramatic change in the appearance of your breasts after having children and breastfeeding?
Do your breasts look flat, saggy, or deflated? Would you like to achieve rounder, lifted breasts using your own fat?
If you answered yes, then a breast lift combined with liposuction and a fat transfer may offer a suitable solution.
Continue reading to learn why a breast lift with fat grafting can be beneficial for mothers after breastfeeding.

Why Seek a Breast Lift Post-Pregnancy?

Following pregnancy and breastfeeding, many women find that their breasts appear flat, saggy, and deflated. They also note that their nipples point downward and that they’ve lost a considerable amount of upper pole fullness.
A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure designed to elevate breasts and the nipple/areolar complex to more perky and youthful position.
In doing so, it helps women achieve a more desirable silhouette, improves the fit of clothing, and restores confidence.

Breast Lift with Fat Grafting Can Be Beneficial for Mothers After Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding often results in volume loss in the upper portion of the breast, which causes many women to experience gaping in their bra cups.
A breast lift with fat grafting not only repositions the breasts to sit higher on the chest wall, it also adds volume to produce a rounder, fuller breast appearance.

What to Expect from a Breast Lift with Fat Grafting?

Depending on the degree of ptosis and patient goals, breast lift surgery may be performed via three different incision types.
They include a perioareolar incision (around the areola), a lollipop incision (around the areola and vertical to the bottom of the breast), and an anchor incision (around the areola, vertical, and in the breast crease).
A breast lift with fat grafting involves liposuction of an area with excess fat, commonly the abdomen, thighs, bra line, or flanks. The extracted fat is then purified and injected into the breast to restore volume and enhance breast shape.

Learn More About Breast Lift with Fat Grafting

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