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This Is How Much Americans Spent on Plastic Surgery in 2018

The face of plastic surgery, and Americans perception of it, continues to evolve. In fact, as aesthetic treatments become increasingly versatile and normalized, more individuals are considering and undergoing cosmetic enhancements. This point is evidenced by how much Americans spent on plastic surgery in 2018. Continue reading to learn the exact amount and which procedures were found to be most…

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All About Arm Lipo(suction)

Do you suffer through spring and summer wearing long-sleeve shirts and dresses because you are self-conscious about the appearance of your arms? Have you been unable to trim and tone your arms as you’d like with diet and exercise alone? If this is you, then arm lipo can offer a safe and effective body contouring solution. Continue reading to learn…

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7 Guidelines for Deciding to Get Plastic Surgery

When many women and men consider plastic surgery, they get excited thinking about final results and improvement to their appearance and self-esteem. However, in order to achieve the best surgical outcomes possible, it’s important for patients to be well-prepared for their procedure. Here are 7 guidelines for deciding to get plastic surgery that can help facilitate a safe and effective…

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