Everyone has a pesky problem area that bothers them most. The fact is, everyone’s body is different.
And you could lead a perfectly healthy lifestyle with a good diet, and still find unflattering “flab” just by virtue of how your body distributes fat. One of these mental sore spots is under the chin.
For women looking to get rid of double chin, or shore up how their chin looks in general, there are three levels of cosmetic treatments.
From less chin fat to more chin fat, here are those treatments.

For the Lowest Amount of Fat, Microcurrents and Radio-Frequency

For this level of fat, where it’s just about enough to pinch, the best route may be to go with tech that isn’t invasive at all. Microcurrent, for example, doesn’t get rid of the fat, but tightens the chin muscles. This changes the appearance under your chin.
Meanwhile radio-frequency treatments use energy to target fat cells. In the same way as typical fat reduction treatments, it uses temperature to kill the fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue.

A Little More Fat Than That? Use an Injectable

If this isn’t enough to get rid of the fat, then the right choice might be Kybella. Kybella is an injectable of deoxycholic acid. This acid kills the fat cells.
When used in conjunction with targeted CoolSculpting, this can give dramatic results without the need for surgery.

If It’s Especially Stubborn, Then You Might Opt for Surgery

While high-tech and innovative treatments are revolutionizing fat reduction, the most dramatic results will typically require going under the scalpel.
This includes getting liposuction to remove the fat, but it might also be used in conjunction with a necklift.
Interested in any of these options to change the aesthetics of your chin? It’s important to know if you’re a good candidate for these options, and which of these would be right for you.
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