• Tummy Tuck Procedure

    Tummy Tuck Procedure and Preparation

    Tummy tucks, just like any other surgery, are an extensive procedure. No surgery should be undertaken lightly, and any step you can take to make your operative and recovery process smoother should be taken. So what exactly needs to be… Read More »

  • Rhinoplasty Surgery Reasons

    Rhinoplasty Surgery Reasons, Procedures & Recovery

    Rhinoplasties are among the most common plastic surgeries. Better known as a nose job to many, it's a procedure often associated with celebrities and speculation (did they get a nose job?). The cosmetic procedure alters the appearance of the nose, modifying… Read More »

  • Liposuction Benefits

    5 Benefits of Liposuction

    Considering Lipo? This popular surgery, typically associated with a slimmer tummy, is one of the most effective fat reduction procedures there is. But whether or not it's for you depends on whether the many benefits that Liposuction gives match your… Read More »

  • Jaw Reduction Botox

    Jaw Reduction with Botox

    You may have heard of jaw augmentation, but jaw reduction may be a new concept to you. And while it makes sense that for every augmentation procedure there's probably a corresponding reduction, you might also be curious who'd be interested in… Read More »

  • Chin Implants

    Chin Implant Recovery

    Do you feel like your jaw isn't well defined? We tend to associate well defined jaws with men, but both men and women can have poorly defined jaws--and feel that their attractiveness suffers as a result. Chin implants, also called… Read More »

  • Labiaplasty

    What is Labiaplasty?

    A Labiaplasty is a surgery where the labia is sculpted. The labia refers to the skin surrounding the vaginal opening. This might be done for either cosmetic or medical reasons. In many Labiaplasties, the size of the external vaginal structures… Read More »

  • Breast Augmentation Surgery

    Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery Time

    Breast Augmentation is a serious surgery. The treatment is the most popular plastic surgery by far--and as a result, it's natural for women to want to know what they can do to facilitate recovery as much as possible. How Long… Read More »

  • Tummy Tuck Elements

    The Elements of a Tummy Tuck

    A tummy tuck--one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in Northern Virginia. Everyone knows what a tummy tuck is, right? Or do they. In actuality, you might find that a tummy tuck is a bit more open ended of a procedure… Read More »

  • Mommy Makeover Northern Virginia

    5 Questions You Should Ask During Your Mommy Makeover Consultation

    If you're thinking over a Mommy Makeover and not sure whether you want to take the leap, then the first step you should take is a consultation where you can have all your questions answered. If you're not sure just… Read More »

  • Cleft Chin Northern Virginia

    How to Get Rid of a Cleft Chin

    What's a cleft chin? If you have a prominent crease at the front of your chin--that's cleft chin. It's perfectly normal to have, and typically a result of genetics, but many can find them unflattering. Here are a few options… Read More »