• Breast Augmentation & Lift with Natural Body Fat

    Breast Augmentation & Lift with Natural Body Fat Breast Lift Chevy Chase The breast lift at Washingtonian Plastic Surgery is a procedure which transfers unwanted fat from other areas of the body such as: abdomen, flanks, or thighs to the breasts.… Read More »

  • Breast Lift Maryland

    Breast Lift Maryland Clients have multiple reasons regarding why they come to see Dr. Navin Singh at Washingtonian Plastic Surgery in Maryland. One of the most in demand procedures performed is a breast lift. Our team can perform a breast lift procedure… Read More »

  • Botox Chevy Chase at Washingtonian Plastic Surgery

    Botox at Washingtonian Plastic Surgery Dr. Navin Singh is a Board-Certified plastic surgeon in private practice and an Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Singh has been certified as an Allergan Expert… Read More »

  • Best Tummy Tuck Virginia

    Best Tummy Tuck Virginia

  • Washingtonian Magazine: Dr. Singh Named 2017 Best Doctor

    Washingtonian Best Doctor 2017: Best Plastic Surgeon Washington DC Dr. Navin Singh has been recognized by Washingtonian Magazine as a 2017 Top Doctor in Maryland, Virginia, and DC. He is a private practice surgeon, an Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery in the Johns Hopkins… Read More »

  • Breast Augmentation Washington DC

    10 Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

    Plastic Surgery Washington DC People are going under the knife the world over for a number of reasons. Plastic surgery isn’t just for those individuals looking to improve their aesthetics, but a lot of times cosmetic operations are required for… Read More »

  • Mommy Makeover Washington DC

    Breast Lift & Augmentation in Washington DC

    Breast Lift Washington DC Breast enhancement procedures are common after pregnancy in the Washington DC Metro Area. Two of the top reasons are the actual pregnancy itself and breast-feeding. These can take a toll on breasts, drastically reducing their size,… Read More »

  • Bra Bulge Chevy Chase

    How to Get Rid of Bra Bulge

    Battle of the Bra Bulge: Different Ways to Get Rid of That Pesky Fat Is a pesky bra bulge ruining the look of your favorite strapless dress? Thankfully you’re not the only one. So you have a number of options,… Read More »