Whether you’ve had general anesthesia before, or if you’re entirely new to the process, it’s perfectly normal to be concerned about going under during plastic surgery.

However, it’s important for patients to know that general anesthesia is very safe, and the chance of serious complication, especially with a cosmetic procedure, is extremely low at just .016%.

Nevertheless, understanding what happens before, during, and after general anesthesia can help you prepare for surgery and put your mind at ease.

Here’s what it’s like to go under general anesthesia.

What Happens Before Going Under General Anesthesia?

To start, patients should make sure that their surgical team includes a board-certified plastic surgeon and board-certified anesthesiologist or certified registered nurse anesthetist.

This information will allow you to feel confident and relaxed as you arrive to the surgical center or hospital for your procedure.

On that day, you will likely be greeted by a nurse who will help prep you for surgery. Then you will meet with your plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist to discuss the process before being administered general anesthesia by injection or IV.

The medication takes effect almost instantly, and many patients do not have any recollection of the period between going under and waking up in a recovery room.

What Effect Does General Anesthesia Have on Your Body During Surgery?

During plastic surgery, your anesthesiologist will ensure that you are safe and comfortable.

He or she will monitor your oxygen intake, vital signs, circulation, fluid loss, and level of consciousness throughout the procedure so that your body stays sedated, immobilized, and free of pain.

Medication given with general anesthesia also creates amnesia of the experience, so you won’t remember any part of your surgery.

How Does It Feel to Wake up After General Anesthesia?

While everyone responds to general anesthesia differently, most patients wake-up feeling “out of it,” overly emotional,  or loopy. They may also lack inhibitions, have slurred speech, or behave in an exaggerated manner.

However, rest assured that your vitals will continue to be evaluated until you have safely recovered from going under.

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