Tummy tucks, just like any other surgery, are an extensive procedure. No surgery should be undertaken lightly, and any step you can take to make your operative and recovery process smoother should be taken.
So what exactly needs to be done to ensure that a tummy tuck goes smoothly?

Before the surgery

The medications you take and your lifestyle choices matter. If you consume tobacco of any kind, you’ll need to stop consumption for three months before surgery.
Meanwhile, during your consultation, you’ll want to be as open as possible with your doctor to ensure no complications happen during the procedure.
Planning for tummy tuck surgery is easy — planning for your recovery can be a little trickier than it looks.

Having a smooth recovery

Everyone knows you need to take time off of work for a surgery, but it pays to take care of the extra details of your homestay.
For example, many patients underestimate their bodies’ needs during recovery. After all, checking emails can’t be too taxing, right?
It might not seem like it, but it can. And while you’re passively performing tasks, you might not be attentive to the signals your body is sending you.
Make sure you not only take the time off physically, but mentally, to pay attention to your needs. Get help from those in your lives to facilitate the recovery process: cooking and cleaning might not seem too strenuous, but they can be when your body is trying to recover.
For a whole six weeks, you’ll suffer from fatigue — so even when you go back to work, it’s advisable to take a few days off the first week off. Remember: full recovery of the body can take up to a year, even if you can be back to work within a couple of weeks.
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