Botox for Oily Skin? The Unexpected Benefits of the Popular Injectable

Since it raged onto the scene as the latest treatment for wrinkles, Botox has gained popularity for both women and men, with the age range of users widening over time as well as its variety of uses.

We may think of it as the best way to get rid of wrinkles, but did you know that there are so many other medical uses for this cure-all injectable?

In addition to filling in fine lines on the face, Botox treatments have also been approved by the FDA to combat excess sweating, migraines and even bladder incontinence. There are even some preliminary studies being conducted to treat teeth grinding!

Two Birds, One Injection

The demand for the injectable has shifted from purely reacting to existing wrinkles, to prevention of other skin ailments. And it seems that a new benefit of Botox has recently been discovered: treating an oily complexion. While the FDA has not yet approved Botox as a primary treatment for oily skin, physicians have found that Botox treated areas have also experienced less oil production.

The theory behind Botox for medical use is injecting into muscles to inhibit the function causing the problem. In essence, the muscle is temporarily paralyzed, preventing the secretion of oil or sweat.

If you suffer from oily skin, this is extremely good news! You can get rid of those pesky fine lines while controlling an overactive t-zone. What’s great about Botox is that it seems like the benefits never stop. Scientists are constantly innovating new uses for this wonder-injectable.

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