In the past, cosmetic injectables were often associated with over-plumped cheeks and lips on women that wanted to erase all signs of aging. However, this is no longer the case thanks to changing attitudes about cosmetic procedures and advancements in product composition and application.

In fact, the evolution of how, where, and what kinds of substances are being administered have drastically changed the game. Now, in the hands of an experienced injector, improved formulations and approaches to Botox and dermal fillers offer natural results that are widely undetectable.

However, it’s important for patients to be familiar with these innovative techniques and products, so that they can make well-informed decisions about their next Botox or dermal filler treatment. 

That’s why we’ve created a modern guide to Botox and dermal fillers.

How Have Botox and Filler Techniques Changed?

Aesthetic experts are now taking a global and three-dimensional approach to Botox and filler treatments. More specifically, because aging doesn’t occur in isolation, leading injectors are looking at the entirety of the face and neck, with appreciation for its interconnectedness.

This means injecting smaller amounts of solutions to more areas and working from the top-down for overall facial rejuvenation. For example, filler is currently being used restore volume in the temples, eyes, and cheeks to correct sagging in the lower face, while Botox is being administered in the neck and jaw to counteract jowls and sagging.

The New Lifting Abilities of Fillers and Botox

One of the key advantages of today’s injectables is their ability to lift the face and neck. Consequently, more viscous hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane Lyft can be injected into the outer upper face to lift cheeks and soften nasolabial folds.

At the same time, Botox can prevent muscles in the jaw and neck from pulling the face down, which helps refine the jawline and raise a downward-turned smile.

This Generation of Dermal Fillers Is Lighter and Thinner

Unlike their thick predecessors that produced puffy pillow cheeks, modern fillers boast barely- there solutions for subtle facial rejuvenation. These formulations are also designed to be readily absorbed for a more seamless and natural integration with the skin.

As a result, patients look like refreshed and well-rested versions of themselves without anyone knowing that they’ve had assistance from cosmetic injectables.

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