Undergoing a surgical procedure and achieving desired outcomes relies heavily on a partnership between surgeon and patient.

The surgeon’s expertise and skills allow him to control factors during the operation, and the patient’s adherence to post-op protocol are both instrumental in the final results of gynecomastia surgery.

That being said, what measures can patients take to facilitate a good gynecomastia surgery post-op routine?

Here are five general recommendations that can promote healthy healing and a speedy recovery.

1. Take Your Time Returning to Normal Activities

In most cases, patients take several days off from work and their daily routines following gynecomastia surgery. As your body heals, you may gradually begin doing some exercise, including cardio and lower body workouts after two weeks.

However, take care to avoid upper body and chest training for at least four weeks or until you are cleared by your surgeon.

2. Wear Your Compression Vest

Another important aspect of a good gynecomastia surgery post-op routine is wearing your compression vest. This garment is vital to proper healing, as it decreases swelling, provides support, and helps with skin retraction.

You should use the compression vest as much as possible for the first four weeks of your recovery.

3. Stay Hydrated, But Don’t Overdo Fluids

While it may sound counterintuitive, patients recovering from gynecomastia surgery should monitor their fluid intake and make sure that they are not drinking too much. That’s because excess fluids can increase the chances of a seroma after this particular type of procedure.

4. Perform Tissue Massage

Tissue massage is another essential component of a good gynecomastia surgery post-op routine. Three weeks after surgery, you may begin massaging the treatment area with your hands or a roller device to soften tissue and help it lay evenly.

Ideally, try to complete several 20- minute massage sessions per day, for eight weeks or longer.

5. Practice Good Posture

Prior to having gynecomastia surgery, many men get in the habit of hunching over to conceal their chest. However, post-op, you should make a conscious effort to roll your shoulders back and practice a tall, strong, and confident stance.

For questions or additional recommendations about a good gynecomastia surgery post-op routine, please call the Washingtonian Plastic Surgery office today.