Trochanteric depressions, also known as “hip dips” are normal anatomical features in both men and women. They are the slightly hollow areas that curve inward along the sides of the body just below your hip bones. The location of the hip dips slightly differs between individuals based on their bone and muscular structure. Some hip dips are more noticeable than others. In addition to that, many people have unwanted, stubborn fat in the love handles, lower back, and outer thighs which can make the hip dips look more concave and cause one’s body to look disproportionate.

Ways to Correct Your Hip Dips With Fat Grafting And Lipo Contouring

Hip dips can be bothersome for most people, especially when wearing form-fitting outfits. Luckily there are a couple of cosmetic procedures available at Washingtonian Plastic Surgery that can contour and smooth out your silhouette!

Unfortunately, there aren’t any non-invasive options that treat hip dips effectively. If you are unsure which option will best suit you, it’s recommended that you come in for an in-depth consultation with Dr. Navin Singh, one of the area’s top dual board-certified plastic surgeons. When you come in, Dr. Singh will examine you and discuss your desired goals, and will review your customized surgical plan that will get you the results you want.

The most common surgical option is liposuction and lipo contouring with fat grafting. This procedure involves liposuction and lipo contouring to remove the excess fat from the love handles, lower back, and/or outer thighs and injecting some of the fat into the hollow areas to add volume and create a more natural and smooth result.

This procedure can be done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia.  Most patients prefer local anesthesia with the use of ProNox (laughing gas) to help them feel relaxed and comfortable during the procedure.  The recovery has minimal downtime (usually requires 3-5 days). Most patients have surgery on a Thursday or Friday and return to work the following Wednesday. There will be some swelling post-op and it’s recommended that you wear a compression garment for about 10 days and transition into athleisure wear that provides moderate compression such as high-waisted yoga pants or bike shorts for 2-3 weeks.

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