The selfie culture and pervasiveness of social media have contributed to an increased interest in plastic surgery.
This has been especially true for teenagers that see their favorite stars with facial fillers, Botox, and breast augmentations.
While some teenagers are simply expressing a desire for cosmetic procedures, others are having various treatments performed.
Many plastic surgeons and parents are tasked with deciding if and when plastic surgery is appropriate for teenagers.

Most Teens Are Interested in Non-Invasive Treatments

Many teenagers are requesting non-invasive treatments such as microdermabrasion, peels, and laser resurfacing, These procedures do not require surgery and can help improve skin tone and texture, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars.
Laser hair removal is another popular treatment for teenagers, especially on certain areas like the face, where excess hair can cause self-consciousness.
These treatments do not require surgery and carry a minimal risk if performed by or under the supervision of a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Additionally, the results of these procedures are temporary and fairly conservative.

Are Injectables Appropriate for Teenagers?

Reality star Kylie Jenner was just 17 when she had lip injections for the first time. Seeing images of her plumped-up pout on social media, tv, and in magazine set an example for her non-famous contemporaries.
While teenagers may request dermal fillers to augment their lips and cheeks or Botox to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, most plastic surgeons advise against these treatments for teenagers.
For the few cases that warrant the use of injectables, the effect of these products is temporary and will dissolve in 4-6 months for Botox and 6-9 months for a dermal filler.

Surgical Procedures May Have Emotional Benefits for Certain Teenagers

Some teenagers want plastic surgery because they believe it to be popular or in style, others feel as though it will help their self-esteem. During adolescence, physical differences can make individuals a target for teasing and bullying.
In these cases, a surgical intervention may be considered by the patient, his/her parents, and a board-certified plastic surgeon.
Otoplasty to correct prominent ears, rhinoplasty to reshape the nose, and breast reduction in females and males are among the most common surgical procedures for teenage patients.

Determining If a Teenager Is a Candidate for Plastic Surgery

Whether or not a patient is a candidate for these procedures is up to the experience and discretion of the plastic surgeon. The physician will evaluate the maturity of the patient and explain the benefits and risks of surgery and permanency of results.
It is possible that the surgeon may advise waiting a certain period of time to determine if further development will improve or correct the patient’s concerns.
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