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The risk for many chronic diseases increases as women and men get older. Often times, individuals believe their age can reliably predict the likelihood of certain diseases and organ damage.

However, this is a common misconception, and one that Next Health and Dr. Mahsin Habib hope to shed light on.

Continue reading to learn all about Next Health’s personalized programs and their ability to predict and prevent disease and reverse cellular aging.

What is Next Health?

At Next Health, women and men can take advantage of Dr. Habib’s integrated and holistic approach to state-of-the-art medicine and complementary treatment methods.

Using the most advanced and comprehensive physical exam, with personalized attention, Next Health is able to prevent disease and detect disease at its earliest stages.

What Are the Benefits of Dr. Habib’s Personalized Programs and Treatments?

Dr. Habib’s personalized programs and treatments are designed to advance longevity, reverse cellular aging, and enable patients to achieve optimal health.

This process involves cleansing and rejuvenating organs, restoring cell health, customizing care, and providing access to cutting-edge concierge medical services.

Chronological Age vs. DNA Telomere

Chronological age is determined by the date and year of your birth. DNA telomere is a measure of actual cell age.

Measuring actual cell age, and understanding the difference between chronological age, is essential in order to reverse aging and make patients biologically younger.

Why Choose Next Health?

Under the guidance of Dr. Habib, Next Health surpasses the best-standards of care to maximize performance of every organ system.

It’s also worth noting that Next Health was the first clinic in the Northeast to offer the Telomere blood test; has 50 executive program members; cured 32 cases of fatty liver disease; and cured 44 chronic mono cases through vitamin therapy.

Get STarted with Next Health

To learn more about the Next Health difference, please call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Habib.