To achieve a curvier figure, some patients are opting for body-contouring procedures like butt augmentation.
In fact, hip-hop star Cardi B recently admitted that in an effort to enhance her backside, she ended up receiving illegal butt injections in a Brooklyn basement.
While her experience is not the norm, it’s understandable how patients like Cardi B could fall victim to untrained and unethical people volunteering quick cosmetic solutions and bargain rates.
However, to avoid complications from black market injections, it’s essential that patients take steps to protect their safety when it comes to buttock augmentation.
Here’s a list of dos and don’ts for patients interested in butt injections.

Do Seek a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon That Is Skilled and Experienced in Butt Injections

During consultation, patients should feel free to ask how often the surgeon performs this type of body-contouring treatment and about expected outcomes for their procedure.

Do Make Sure That You Fully Understand the Treatment Plan for Your Buttock Enhancement, Including Risks, Benefits, Cost, and Recovery

Cardi B said that she had leaking from her injection sites for five days post-procedure without any follow-up care.
However, in the hands of a qualified provider, butt injections have very little downtime, discomfort, or pain.
Plus, a trusted plastic surgeon will always provide follow-up care and be available should any concerns or complications arise.

Do Inquire About the Safety and Credentialing of the Facility

Cardi B revealed that her butt injections where administered in a Brooklyn basement without any anesthetic and that she experienced a great deal of pain during her butt injections.
Patients should always ensure that they are being treated in a sterile environment, with support staff, and necessary safety equipment. Numbing is available prior to treatment, and the injections should feel like a pinch or prick.

DON’T Put Your Health and Appearance in the Hands of an Untrained Injector

Only a physician or mid-level provider, like a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, is permitted to prescribe and inject Botox and dermal fillers. Allowing someone without the proper training and skill to inject an unknown substance could result in long-term medical and aesthetic issues.
Deformity, pain, scarring, infection, ulcerations, and the need for correction are just some of the adverse effects of black market butt injections.

DON’T Get Lured by Bargain Butt Injections or Allow Price to Come Before Your Safety

In many cases of illegal butt injections, patients are enticed by the cheap price of the procedure. They allow this factor to supersede concerns about their safety or the qualifications of the person performing their procedure.
In fact, Cardi B says that her butt injections only cost $800 and that she was injected with silicone, rather than an FDA-approved filler like Sculptra.

DON’T Be Afraid to Ask Specific Questions About the Product Before and During the Procedure

Patients should be informed of the type, location, and volume of filler being injected for their butt augmentation.
If in doubt, they can ask to see the injector remove the filler syringe and inspect the packaging to make sure it is a medical-grade product.
For butt augmentation by a board-certified plastic surgeon and leading injector, please call our office today to schedule an appointment.