We often think of facial wrinkles, jowls, bony hands, and an expanding waistline as signs of aging. But our breasts can also make us look older and heavier than we actually are.
In fact, breasts suffer volume loss, skin laxity, and decreased collagen in a very similar way as our faces, and as a result, can benefit from rejuvenation.
Keep reading to learn how your breasts reveal your age, and the ways in which a skilled and talented plastic surgeon can help you achieve a more lifted and youthful appearance.

Why is Cleavage Key?

Perky breasts and upper pole fullness are often signs of healthy, youthful breasts. However, due to gravity, the natural aging process, and pregnancy, breasts can become saggy and cause cleavage to disappear.
During a breast lift and reduction, a plastic surgeon can artfully reposition tissue to the upper inner quadrant of the breast. This restores form and contours, so that breasts look fuller and higher.

Are Bigger or Smaller Breasts More Youthful?

Not only can extremely large breasts cause discomfort, they can also make women look heavier and older. In fact, the weight of excess tissue and skin often makes breasts hang low and can result in poor posture and a stalky appearance.
While all of these factors can add years to a patient’s age, they can also be addressed with surgery to achieve a sleeker and streamlined silhouette.

What Are the Effects of Nipple Position?

Nipple position is usually relative to breast position. This means that women with flat and droopy breasts, often experience nipples that are low and point downward.
In addition to elevating breast tissue to a more lifted position, a breast lift also repositions the nipple-areolar complex so that it resides at the level of the breast fold.

How Can Areola Size and Shape Reveal Your Age?

Wide, stretched areola often suggest advanced age. However, this issue can also be addressed with a breast lift or reduction, which reshapes areola so that the look smaller, rounder, and are in proper proportion with your breasts.
If you want to rejuvenate your figure with a breast lift or breast reduction, please call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Navin Singh.