Breast Follow-Up StudyOur very own Dr. Navin Singh has worked extensively authoring many medical and scientific papers in the Plastic Surgery and medical community at large. In his newly authored follow-up papers, he explores the long term affects of Saline Breast Implants in a case study of 5,000 subjects. While the medical community seeks both advancements and revolutionary methods, the long-term goals of this study seek to identify the benefits post operation and address the lifestyle and demographics of patients who have chosen Natrelle Saline implants.
Natrelle Silicone Breast Implant Follow-Up StudyThe papers have been published in respected peer reviewed journals including the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal. These publications are beneficial studies for breast reconstruction in women with breast cancer and breast cosmetic surgery at large. We wish to extend a hearty thanks to the patients and medical staff who participated in our follow-up study. As well as, our deepest gratitude to the medical colleagues who labored through authorship of this newly released medical study. We hope this paper is not only informative but also serves in the betterment of our industry for those we serve daily, our patients.

Congratulations Dr. Singh!