Women aren’t the only ones that experience bodily changes after having children. Men are also susceptible to accumulating weight in undesirable locations and losing muscle mass once they become dads.
In fact, many guys find themselves forgoing the gym or basketball with friends to spend more time doing activities with their kids.
In an effort to restore a more youthful and athletic appearance, a number of men are turning to combination of procedures that’s been dubbed a Daddy Do Over.
Continue reading to learn all about body sculpting for men and which cosmetic procedures are the most common among male patients.

What is a Daddy Do Over?

A Daddy Do Over is a combination of plastic surgery procedures designed to slim, contour, and reshape men’s bodies.
The treatment often involves liposuction of the chest, abdomen, and flanks and is well-suited for dads who want to regain their trim physiques.

Why Are More Men Seeking Plastic Surgery?

Whether due to lifestyle changes, that come with raising children, or the natural aging process, an increasing number of men are finding it easier to pack on the pounds and more difficult to lose excess weight.
Additionally, after 35, both women and men experience changes in fat distribution – even if their weight remains the same.
For these reasons, men are becoming interested in Daddy Do Overs and other cosmetic procedures. Just like their wives and girlfriends, dads want to look and feel their best.
After undergoing a body contouring treatment, most guys note that they are more comfortable and confident wearing t-shirts or a bathing suit.

What Are the Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Men?

Men are turning to both surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic procedures to rejuvenate their faces and bodies.
The most-requested treatments for men include injectables (Botox and fillers), chest augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery.

Learn More About Daddy Do Over

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