Breast Lift Washington DC

Breast enhancement procedures are common after pregnancy in the Washington DC Metro Area. Two of the top reasons are the actual pregnancy itself and breast-feeding. These can take a toll on breasts, drastically reducing their size, structure and volume.
This often causes breasts to sag and hang lower. Some clients choose to undergo a breast lift and augmentation to restore the appearance of breasts prior to a pregnancy. Many of our clients grow quite fond of the larger breasts during this pregnancy period and opt for post-pregnancy breast augmentation or “boob jobs” in Washington DC.
Several options are available for breast lift procedures in the Washington DC area. Depending on the degree of sagging or hanging involved.
Many years ago, the FDA approved silicone and saline breast implants. This technology is available for breast augmentation procedures.
Breast Lift & Augmentation in Washington DC
At Washingtonian Plastic Surgery we offer four different incision sites.
Clients can select from: areola, armpit, under the fold or umbilical incision sites.
Patients who undergo a tummy tuck can also take advantage of our advanced surgical methods and opt to have their implants inserted using the incision made between the hips.

When Can I Get a Mommy Makeover in Washington DC?

Most of our clients in the Washington DC area are advised to wait a minimum of six months after giving birth; prior to scheduling a mommy makeover procedure.
We recommend this time frame for mommy makeovers or any other type of plastic surgery procedure.
Certain state law requires medical clearance for all patients prior to any cosmetic invasive surgical procedure to ensure safety and optimal recovery.
The Washingtonian Plastic Surgery team offers important things to consider as well. Remember that you will be unable to lift a child or children for approximately two-to-three weeks after your procedure. All heavy objects and extraneous activities are put on hold post surgery.
If clients are interested in having more children in upcoming years, we advise clients to wait to have your mommy makeover procedure until you are finished having children.
Although it is possible to maintain a post-mommy makeover body after having additional children, your body may still see significant alterations including the post-pregnancy bulge or hanging and sagging breasts.

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