Brazilian Butt Lift Northern Virginia: Gisele Bundchen Flaunts Rounder Rear

Was the Brazilian butt lift inspired by the famous Gisele Bundchen, or augmented by a plastic surgery procedure?
We may never know.
Star Magazine reported that the Brazilian bombshell received the butt lift she desired.
Dr. Navin Singh performs Brazilian butt lifts in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. The increasing demand for these procedures is high in the Washington DC metro area.
Brazilian Butt Lift
Dr. Singh sees patients from almost every state in the United States as well as Asia, South America, India, and the Middle East.

What Is the Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian butt lift involves transferring fat from your abdomen, love handles or flanks, back, arms, legs or other locations to your buttocks and/or hips.
The Immediate Benefits From a Buttocks Enhancement Are:

  • Significant volume can be added to the hips and buttocks. This added volume creates a much larger, more projected, and prominent buttocks.
  • Secondly, the fat is expertly placed to produce very shapely, custom tailored buttocks. Large imbalances in the buttocks or unbalanced asymmetry can be fixed with this technique.

Dr. Singh performs the Brazilian butt lift in McLean Virginia to create whatever body shape you desire.
Washingtonian Plastic Surgery has adopted this technique for butt augmentation. Dr. Singh prefers this surgical option over butt augmentation via butt implants.
The Brazilian butt lift in Northern Virginia procedure has an extremely low rate of complications in Dr. Singh’s experience. Most importantly, we have high patient satisfaction and incredible results.

Am I a Candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Dr. Singh has Brazilian butt lift clients who range in weight from 90 to 120 pounds to over 200+ pounds.
There are very few clients who will not benefit from the Brazilian butt lift treatment when performed properly.

Volume Transfers for Great Results

Very few Virginia plastic surgeons have performed as many large volume transfers as Dr. Singh.
Dr. Singh finds that fat augmentation with over 1 liter per buttock is not only safe, but patients appreciate the dramatic change in buttocks aesthetic proportions and appearance.
Dr. Singh consults every kind of body type. We see short buttocks and long buttocks. At Washingtonian Plastic Surgery we encounter flat and skinny and even wide buttocks.
He sees buttocks that are extremely muscular and buttocks that are flabby or loose. We can improve anyone’s physique with this Brazilian butt lift technique.
Call Washingtonian Plastic Surgery today to schedule your Brazilian butt lift consultation.