In the 90’s, Pamela Anderson was an unofficial representative of breast implants, and a number of women wanted to achieve a Baywatch body.
However, by today’s standards, her breast augmentation is too obvious with very large implants that do not suit her petite frame.
In fact, many patients interested in breast augmentation are now requesting natural-looking, results. But top plastic surgeons are quick to point out that this trend, does not necessarily mean that smaller breast implants are in demand.
Before making an implant selection, here’s what women should know about sizing, and why smaller implants are not always the answer for more conservative augmentation.

Do More Women Want Smaller Breast Implants?

Most women seek breast augmentation for a subtle enhancement to the size and shape of their breasts. At the time of consultation, a vast majority of patients state that they hope to achieve increased volume and cleavage without going too big.
Subsequently, many forgo small or large breast implants in favor of those that are average in size, ranging from 300-400 ccs, and will produce natural and noticeable results.

Natural-Looking Breasts Don’t Necessarily Mean Smaller Implants

Top plastic surgeons emphasize that when it comes to breast augmentation, cup and exact implant size are less important than the overall look and feel of the breasts.
Additionally, women that want more natural results should be cautious of opting for implants that are too small to provide adequate changes. Rather, they should work closely with their surgeon to select a size that is appropriate for their body type and daily functioning.

How Can Patients Achieve Subtle Breast Enhancement?

Whereas size was once the only factor to consider in breast implant surgery, women now have several shape and texture options that can help them achieve subtle breast enhancement.
For shape, patients can choose a lower profile or tear-drop (anatomical implant) that facilitates more natural results.  Additionally, a smooth implant allows greater movement consistent with normal breast tissue.
For additional information on breast augmentation and choosing the right size, shape, and texture for you, please contact our office today to schedule a consultation.