American’s interest in plastic surgery continues to grow, especially with the influx of non-invasive cosmetic procedures.
In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently revealed that there’s been a 200% increase in minimally-invasive aesthetic treatments since 2000.
So, what can we expect from plastic surgery in the year ahead? Continue reading for seven plastic surgery trends in 2019.

1. Plastic Surgery for Men is On the Rise

Inclusivity is one of the biggest plastic surgery trends in 2019. We’re seeing more men seeking both surgical and noninvasive procedures in an effort to achieve a more masculine appearance.
Decreased stigma and increased availability of treatment options are two reasons that men are becoming more open to these options.

2. Natural Enhancement is the Goal

Whereas disproportionate breast augmentation and over-plumped lips were once in style, patients these days are opting for a more natural look.
They are requesting discrete changes that preserve their unique characteristics and help them look like better versions of themselves.

3. Increased Accessibility of Injectables

Injectables like Botox and dermal fillers are one of the top plastic surgery trends in 2019. Not only are they non-invasive and convenient, they require zero downtime and offer immediate results.
Plus, they have become so mainstream that many individuals consider them a routine part of self-care.

4. Introduction of Micro-Optimization Treatments

More and more women and men are turning to cosmetic treatments for correction of specific perceived flaws.
Many of these procedures are considered niche and may include repair of a torn or stretched earlobe and off-label filler treatments.

5. Interest in Body Contouring Will Continue to Soar

Over the past five years, demand for body contouring has skyrocketed.
We can expect to see continued interest in fat removal and sculpting treatments, as well as the emergence of new modalities like Emsculpt and CoolTone, which simultaneously burns fat and builds muscle.

6. Patients Will Seek Plastic Surgery Stateside

Individuals interested in plastic surgery are more informed and knowledgeable than ever. Accordingly, they are shying away from medical tourism in favor of reputable, board-certified plastic surgeons in the U.S.
This trend is one that will significantly improve clinical outcomes and avoid unnecessary and potentially life-threatening complications.

7. Millennials Undergoing Preventative Treatments

Young patients in their 20’s and 30’s are undergoing injectable, lasers, microneedling, and other energy-based technologies to prevent signs of aging sooner rather than later.
In doing so, they hope that they will be able to stave off the need for surgery and more invasive procedures in the future.

Learn More About Plastic Surgery Trends in 2019

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