Below are some of the most frequently asked questions or FAQs patients have about plastic surgery issues. If you have any other questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, we would love to hear from you.

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A gynecologist performing a breast augmentation or a dermatologist doing a face lift are not appropriate choices.

The ISAPS website lists the names and addresses of over 1,900 certified plastic surgeons in 90 countries.

Ask for certification information and who the certifying body is.

Most health insurance providers do not cover individuals for surgery performed outside their own country. Consider obtaining International Medical Coverage that may be available through your insurance agent.

Patients should stay in the area where the surgery was performed for at least one week, depending on the procedure. Find out in advance where you will stay and if this facility is prepared to care for your post operative needs.

What doctor will care for you at home if you have complications and who will pay for secondary or revision procedures?

If you cannot be easily understood, be prepared for complications.

You should be talking directly with the doctor's staff and the doctor. A travel agent should only make travel and accommodations arrangements.

ISAPS membership is by invitation and is granted to applicants only after extensive screening.

Ask for names and contact information of patients who have recently had a similar procedure and contact them about their experience with the surgeon, their staff, aftercare facilities and post-operative follow up.

This is a video on how to manage drains after a procedure.

How to Maintain Your Jackson Pratt Drain after Surgery (JP Drain).

Click here for information on the injection of lovenox for patients that are prescribed it and need it.

Your first garment is included in your procedure, you can buy additional garments in our office or directly from the manufacturers. Click here for pictures of commonly used garments.