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The News about Nose Surgery

The Nose is in the news! From Celebrities having Rhinoplasty, to this new article on the History of a Nose Job; people are talking noses with new found affection. Sculpting Identity: A History of the Nose Job For centuries, people have used nasal surgery to protect, or improve, their place in society. An Object Lesson. by Tiffany Hearsey …By the…

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Iggy Azalea’s Plastic Surgery

Iggy Azalea’s Plastic Surgery… It is no real surprise to our Medical community; we publicly accept transformations and applaud the authenticity that patients bring. However, refreshingly, a generational shift is no longer lurking in shadows.  Leading the unmasking is one such woman. Stigmas are crashing to the ground and her example in the news these days is Iconic, or well……

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