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MTF Male to Female Surgery

MTF Male to FeMALE Surgery

The MTF (male to female) transition is a process. Hormone therapy and other types of preparation may be required. As always, our consultations are FREE. Dr. Singh carefully assesses your longterm goals and will accommodate your transitional timeline ideals as best as is possible. We would love to be a part of your Transition Journey.

Dr. Singh and his staff strive to create a comfortable and sensitive environment to help with this big life change.

Our staff can refer a physician to prescribe hormones which will help with the transformation process.

Chondrolaryngoplasty-Tracheal Shave

Reasons for Considering a Tracheal Shave

  • Appear more feminine
  • Soften appearance of the Adam’s apple

General Procedure

An incision is placed under the Adam’s apple, if possible inside a crease to minimize scar appearance. From there a tunnel under the skin is made until the thyroid cartilage. The cartilage is then shaved down, making the throat appear smoother and less angular.

The surgery is usually outpatient and can be done under local or IV sedation (depending on whether or not other surgeries are added).

Recovery Process

  • During the first 24-28 hours, swelling may occur
  • Gently massage the area to minimize scarring
  • Temporary difficulty swallowing and speaking

Possible Side Effects

  • Scar
  • Change in vocal quality
  • Pitch
  • Raspiness
  • Hoarseness

Breast Augmentation

For information, please visit our Breast Augmentation page.

Body Contouring

To help create a more feminine hourglass shape, our office offers Laser Liposuction and Fat Grafting.  We are able to transfer fat from the inner and outer thighs, calfs, abdomen, and arms to the buttock, hips and face.

Facial Feminization Surgeries

In order to achieve a more feminine appearance, there are many surgeries that we provide to soften the masculine facial features.

These surgeries may include:

Non-Surgical Treatments

We also offer non surgical treatments to improve appearance such as Laser Hair Removal and Botox & Fillers.

For more Information on Gender Reassignment visit our site. 

Laser Hair Removal– Removal of a beard and other unwanted facial hair is a process of stopping hair from growing out of the hair follicle through he use of a laser. Once the treatments begin it will depend on how the hair follicle reacts as to the amount of subsequent treatments needed for the desired end result. Also this option works best on dark haired patients and results may vary due to other skin requirements.

Rhinoplasty– Surgery of the nose can greatly affect the perception of male to female transitioning. The button nose that is usually seen on the supermodel has a narrow bridge and a button like tip. For a sexier lady like nose, a patient may choose to change the contour lines of the nose to show a more subtle bridge and upturned tip.

Fat Grafting to Lips and Forehead: If Liposuction is performed to the body fat grafting may be a softening option to produce a gentler rise of the forehead.

Fillers for the Lips– Everyone desires the Angelina Jolie sensuous pout. Finding the right amount of curvy enhancement filler ratio is crucial. If overdone can result in an un-feminine quality.  Dr. Singh will guide the process for the perfect kissable lips.

Latisse– Eyelashes reveal feminine eyes. Dr. Singh may prescribe a prescription for a eyelash growth product. This can help facilitate longer luscious lashes without any surgical needs.