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FTM Female to Male Surgery

FTM – Female to Male Surgery

Dr. Singh understands the needs and desires for reconstructive and transformational surgeries. With utmost care and concern to detail and outcome, Dr. Singh customizes the procedures for natural and transformational results. The first step to any procedure is a customized consultation. This consultation is FREE and allows you the opportunity to speak with the Dr. on the best options available to match the long term goals of a Female to Male.

Dr. Singh and his staff strive to create a comfortable and sensitive environment to help with this big life change. Our staff can refer an OB/GYN to prescribe hormones which will help with the transformation process.

Body Contouring

To help create a more male shape, our office offers Laser Liposuction and Fat Grafting.  We are able to transfer fat from the inner and outer thighs, calfs, abdomen, and arms to the buttock, hips and face.

Facial Surgeries

In order to achieve a more feminine appearance, there are many surgeries that we provide to provide more masculine facial features.

These surgeries may include:

Non-Surgical Treatments

We also offer non surgical treatments to improve appearance such as Laser Hair Removal and Botox & Fillers.

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