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The size and shape of a woman’s breasts can often play a critical role in a woman’s self image. Women who are discontent with their breast size can often feel self-conscious or even embarrassed about their appearance. We offer a variety of breast enhancement procedures that will give the breasts a more balanced, symmetrical look while still appearing natural and beautiful. Talk to the doctor during your initial consultation about the available breast enhancement procedures.


Breast/chest man

Move over ladies! 

In today’s modern world of beauty it appears to be more acceptable for men to care about their appearance.

For years plastic surgery has been thought to be dominated by the female population, however according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, over the past decade the number of men getting cosmetic surgery has doubled!

Say buh-bye to those love handles and beer bellies through laser liposuction and say hello to etched out abs! The two hour outpatient procedure has a short recovery time (about a long weekend) and is suitable for patients from 18 to 80! (As long as they are in good health).

The most popular cosmetic surgery for men is laser liposuction. Men that seek plastic surgeons for laser liposuction are usually physically fit younger men who are seeking help to correct stubborn areas that will not respond to exercise and diet such as love handles and lower abdomen.  Dr. Navin Singh has helped many men achieve desired shapes through laser liposuction, including military men and older men who just want to look and feel young again!

“I can finally see the outline of my muscles from under all that fat!” – Arlington patient of Dr. Singh

Wave farewell to those man boobs and say good morning to your new found pecs!  The saying goes, “No pecs, no sex” and for men this is an important part of the anatomy.

Gynecomastia is a very popular procedure; it is performed to reduce male enlarged breasts.  Gynecomastia correction can be done in one-hour with permanent removal of the embarrassing fatty deposits on the chest that make young men feel old and self-conscious.  After this procedure, men have claimed “they can take their shirt off without any embarrassment at the beach or in the locker room” (patient testimonial of Dr. Navin Singh).

It’s now easier than ever to get that body you’ve always wanted. Breasts/Chest don’t define your beauty with Dr. Singh, he sculpts your natural best. Dr. Singh’s patients come in self-consciously wearing sweats and by the end leave confidently wearing tight tee shirts and fitted jeans.