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Patient Resources


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Follow-Up Forms:

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pdfIcon1st Follow Up Breast Augmentation   pdfIcon1st Follow Up Post Facelift                 pdfIcon1st Follow Up Rhinoplasty

pdfIconAfter CO2 Laser   pdfIcon1st Follow Up Top Surgery                pdfIcon1st Follow Up Rhinoplasty



Surgical Garments

To maximize the results of surgery such as tummy tuck, breast reduction, breast augmentation, liposuction, and face lift, specialized compression garments may be recommended for speedy recovery, decreasing bruising, and minimizing swelling fluid.

Your surgeon will ask you to order garments directly from the following websites, and bring them to your surgery date so that you may be placed in the garment directly in the OR.

The following are recommended websites:
Design Veroniquefor use during surgery and for 1 week post-op
Spanxfor use after 1 week post-operative
SyleneDC’s premier bra and body wear shop-located 1 block from our office