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Several weeks out of the year, Dr. Singh volunteers for non-profit organizations to provide medical care for children and adults who are unable to receive it due to costs and accessibility. Dr. Singh travels across the world to perform free reconstructive surgeries for those in need, along with providing instruction in advanced surgical techniques to local medical professionals. These organizations have a mission to give impoverished countries access to safe surgeries as a universal human right, not a privilege. He has traveled to several countries such as India, Ecuador, Peru, Iraq, and China to provide the highest quality of surgical care for those in need.

Dr. Singh also volunteers for organizations that provide pro bono corrective and reconstructive surgery to veterans and active duty members who have served in the United States Armed Forces, as well as survivors of domestic violence in the U.S. Dr. Singh believes these procedures are important because “it’s just a way of rehabilitating a person, body and soul, and integrating them back into society”.

Aside from surgical volunteer work, Dr. Singh volunteers to support local environmental and wildlife conservation organizations. 

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