Many celebrities share intimate details of their daily lives on social media sites like Instagram.
Oftentimes, these revealing posts are on the star’s personal account. However, Kelly Ripa chose to tell fans about her earlobe plastic surgery on the Live with Kelly and Ryan page.
Continue reading to learn why Kelly Ripa chose to have earlobe repair, and what the treatment entailed.

What Plastic Surgery Did Kelly Ripa Have?

Kelly Ripa recently disclosed that she had plastic surgery, and the choice of procedure may surprise you.
The treatment wasn’t on her face or body, but on her earlobes.
That’s right, Ripa sought surgical repair of stretched-out earlobes that have bothered her for some time.

Why Did She Undergo Earlobe Surgery?

Kelly told viewers that, as a child, she pierced her own ears with a needle and an apple. She also admitted that wearing very heavy earrings placed undue strain on her earlobes and left them looking like hanging gauges.
To repair the tissue and reshape her earlobes, she decided to have plastic surgery.
During the procedure, the earlobes were numbed with a local anesthetic and then an incision was made to remove the uneven skin. Finally, the clean edges were unified with sutures.
While the process was quite simple, Kelly discovered that the damage to her earlobes was more extensive that she initially imagined.

Has Kelly Ripa Had a Nose Job Too?

Although Ripa readily shared that she had earlobe plastic surgery, some fans aren’t convinced that this was her first cosmetic procedure.
In fact, she posted a flashback Friday photo on Instagram in 2018, and her followers noticed that her nose had changed over the past 10 years.
But Ripa was quick to dispel rumors of rhinoplasty and said that she’s never had veneers either.

Want to Learn More About Earlobe Plastic Surgery?

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