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Botox Training + Advanced Aesthetics

Washingtonian Plastic Surgery– Cosmetic Aesthetic Botox + Dermal Filler Training

New aesthetic technology innovations and technical changes has created a rise in competition that has altered the landscape of the aesthetic marketplace.

However, classical or traditional aesthetic training programs have failed to keep up with this ever-changing cosmetic marketplace, hence- generating a substantial unmet training needs and leaving many aesthetic providers frustrated and desperately seeking answers.

Our mission was to create a different kind of aesthetic training program– a development cosmetic training inspired by the world’s top surgeons. This led us to studying and analyzing the top practices who are mastering cosmetic techniques from across the globe.

Unlike traditional training programs, The Washingtonian PS Aesthetic Program is immersed in very innovative and specialized cosmetic concepts gleaned from the world’s top surgeons.

Our goal is to compress your learning curve so that you can rapidly and more effectively incorporate these “breakthroughs” into your practice with confidence and certainty.

Our program offers live demonstrations, detailed seminars, injectable training, personal coaching services all tailored by world renowned surgeon, Dr. Navin Singh.

Washingtonian PS Aesthetic Program will take your skills and your practice to new levels of sustainable success.

Learn About Our Botox Training Program!

Does your medical staff need advanced aesthetic training in Botox?

Or are you an aspiring injector who wants to catch up on your dermal filler or injectable skill sets?

Our team can come to your practice, spa, or business in the USA or across the globe to teach!

The Way Washingtonian PS Aesthetic Program Accomplishes This Is By:

  1. Having leading board-certified plastic surgeon lecture and train you on the facial anatomy and injectables;
  2. Having all Botox Injection Training done in an actual medical environment.
  3. Learn advanced techniques in a safe and controlled setting.

You will learn about the face, human anatomy, and non-surgical approaches from board certified plastic surgeon–Dr. Navin Singh.

Many of our faculty have over 15+ years of experience, come learn from Botox trainers, and we will share with you the latest innovations on what works and what doesn’t in the aesthetic industry.