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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Cindy Crawford Not Ashamed Of Plastic Surgery?

In their newly released interview with Super Model Cindy Crawford, InStyle Magazine highlights a refreshingly candid ownership of graceful aging. Rather than poo poo the press and say she “woke up this way,” she admits to a strategic lifestyle of balance and ownership, including the use of beauty enhancements. “I’m not going to lie to myself” she said back then,…

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Top 10 Places to Consider Liposuction

Top 10 Places To Consider Liposuction What Our Patients Are Saying About This Procedure: Dr. Singh, I love you! The difference is so noticeable already. I was used to being ‘hippy’ but when I go to put my hands on my hips…. there’s no extra jiggle there anymore. You are amazing. You changed my wardrobe and my life. -I.K., Reston,…

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Who is holding your face?

At the Hands of a Doctor… Who is holding your face? Would you go to a baseball game to watch football players take a swing? Sounds fun in theory, but it might not be their core competency. In the Medical profession, there is a fine line (no pun intended) between knowing your surgeon and knowing what kind of results to…

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Preventative Breast Augmentation

Age is inevitable and the effects of gravity…breast cancer should not be… A new poll finds cancer prevention and public figures (aka Angelina Jolie’s Breast Surgery) undergoing the once privately discussed procedures are actually helping other women make long term decisions about their own breast health. The study shifts the ideas from responsive breast removal and reconstruction to a preventative…

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Buyer Beware- Don’t do this!

In a recent article, women have been turning to the black market for silicone butt injects and at least 2 deaths have arisen from complications by botched butt jobs. To learn more you can read the whole article on Cosmetic Butt Injections by 2 Investigators.     “CHICAGO (CBS) — More than a dozen deaths have been reported across the country…

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