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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Fresh Skin is in for Fall 2015

Not everyone walks into their Plastic Surgeon’s office with fall trends in mind. But according to Vogue: fresh skin, hair and powerful eyes are about to hit the trend scene in 2015.  “Fresh skin” as they say, is all about moisture; drinking water, avoiding things that dehydrate like excessive drinking, over-exposure in the sun and dry cold in the coming winter…

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The News about Nose Surgery

The Nose is in the news! From Celebrities having Rhinoplasty, to this new article on the History of a Nose Job; people are talking noses with new found affection. Sculpting Identity: A History of the Nose Job For centuries, people have used nasal surgery to protect, or improve, their place in society. An Object Lesson. by Tiffany Hearsey …By the…

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Dad Bod the New Trend

Dad Bod the New Trend in Plastic Surgery by Elisabeth Kramer. You don’t have to go far to find a headline talking about men and plastic surgery. What’s missing is context on who these men are and what they’re getting done. Meet 400 board-certified doctors who shared what they’re seeing in their practices. What Are Men Most Interested In? 42% of…

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