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Male Breast Reduction/ Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is overdevelopment of the male breast. The glandular tissue of the breast swells, usually in response to an excess of the female hormone estrogen or a lack of testosterone, a male hormone. It occurs in babies, teen boys, and older men.  While common during puberty, in some males it becomes permanent.  Many choose to have this surgically corrected.

I am transitioning. How can I save my nipple during top surgery or Gynecomastia?

Can I use liposuction to remove my man boobs?

Do you have an overview of Gynecomastia?

Reasons for Considering a Gynecomastia

General Procedure

Liposuction and cutting out excess glandular tissue.

Recovery Process

Possible Side Effects

What Our Patients Are Saying About This Procedure

I REALLY love what you did. I can take my shirt off without any embarrassment at the beach or in the locker room.
-M.N., Washington, DC