Plastic SurgeryGarments

After surgery, compression garments are worn to compress the surgical area(s) to reduce swelling, minimize complications, and promote healing. Patients are instructed to wear compression continuously until coming in for their first follow up visit.

At that time, Dr. Singh will instruct you to continue with the initial stage compression or recommend a second stage specialty compression garment or Spanx/ Under Armour.

The duration of compression garment usage is dependent on what the doctor’s customized treatment plan recommends based on the type of surgery you had and your healing progress.

Abdominal Binders are used for the following procedures:

We require patients to wear their compression binders 24/7 until their first follow up visit.

Bandeau Straps are used for:

To help the implants “settle” into a natural tear drop shape, some patients use the bandeau strap.

This garment gives the right amount of pressure to the top of the chest to help the implants fall into place. Dr. Singh may advise the use of this garment after surgery when he sees you at your follow up visit.

Male Chest Compression Garments are used for:

Body Shapers and Lower Body Tights are used for:

This type of compression delivers the right amount of pressure to all of the areas treated with liposuction.

Arm Compression Garment: 

After arm liposuction or a brachioplasty (arm Lift), most patients are required to wear a specialized arm compression garment for at least one to two weeks.