• questions about labiaplasty

    Hot New Trend Among Millennials & How to Answer Questions About Labiaplasty

    It can be an extremely uncomfortable topic for young and older woman. Any woman coming into their adolescence is likely to experience self-consciousness -- and sometimes low self-esteem. Our bodies grow and change during this period of our lives, sometimes… Read More »

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    Tips for Maintaining Your Cosmetic Surgery Results

    It's always important to remember that cosmetic surgery is a luxury -- not just in any financial or material sense, but that it exists on the top of a pyramid of things you should be doing to take care of… Read More »

  • Laser Hair Removal For Men and Women

    Why More Men (and Women) Ask About Laser Hair Removal

    We typically think of laser hair removal as a cosmetic treatment for women, but there are men out there who believe there's such a thing as too much hair. While some level of body hair is desirable for most men,… Read More »

  • How to Tell Your Parents You Want a Breast Reduction

    How to Tell Your Parents You Want a Breast Reduction

    Cosmetic surgery is a tricky issue for patients who are young. Teenagers, in particular, are a group that plastic surgeons face many ethical issues in trying to navigate the thorny waters of self-esteem, hormones, growth, and body issues. However, if… Read More »

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    All About Lip Injections

    Lip injections can enhance your look or even restore it to that youthful charm. This non-surgical procedure reduces wrinkles, restores shape, or augment the size of your lips. The treatment is immensely popular. But there are some common questions potential… Read More »

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    Nose Jobs Are Changing

    The only perfect nose job is the one that most accentuates your individuality, according to the most up-to-date plastic surgeons. Nose jobs used to all look the same: the narrower, the better. Now non-surgical nose jobs are trending. They are… Read More »

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    Mommy Makeover: What You Need to Know About the Popular Procedure

    Mommy Makeover in McLean: Everything You Need to Know The only thing as miraculous as giving birth would seem to be the short amount of time celebrities snap back into shape following pregnancy. This is, of course, with the help of… Read More »